Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beautiful or Ugly?

My husband and his brother are prepping our house for painting. While they were at it they tore out a bush that always looks really awful yet never actually dies.

We must've disturbed this big guy's home.

He's a Green June Bug, according to one internet site. He's big, about 2 inches, and flies, but can't maneuver well so he bumps into EVERYTHING. At first I really did not like him, but as I looked more closely I saw that he's beautiful. The pictures don't do him justice; he's metallic green! Simply gorgeous. He makes a loud sound while flying. As you can see he fell on his back and had a hard time getting back to flying position. I had the perfect opportunity to squash him (like a bug!) but chose to let him live.

He's green after all. And pretty. At least in my opinion. Just don't ask me to touch him or let him inside the house!

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