Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoroughly Modern

David took a week off and painted the house. We've lived here almost 8 years and finally agreed that we simply HAD to paint the house! The big question: What color? At first we thought it'd be simpler to stay with the blue-gray that we currently had, and yet I really wanted a change! In the past 15 years of marriage we have owned 2 houses and one condo. Both houses have been a very similar blue-gray! So I really wanted a change. But then I did not. But then I did. I kept changing my mind! I decided either would be fine but IF we went brown, I wanted it a darker brown than just beige; lots of the houses on my street are a nondescript generic beige. (not that it's a bad color; it's just that it's so similar to everyone on our street)

We went to Kelly Moore and just stared at the samples they had prominently displayed on an easel in their parking lot; it was nearly closing time and we're just standing in the parking lot! So the guy comes out asking if he could help us and we just laugh. I don't think anyone could help us!

A friend of David's had painted his house "chadwick and malibu beige." It was nice; too light for my taste. Long story short: we came home with samples for both Chadwick and another darker color. Put them up and both David and I realized we did not like either; one was beige and the other the color of cardboard! So this time David went to return the samples and choose a color. He came home with 10 gallons of it. I guess it was "it". We did not even test it out. Turns out i don't think we could have picked a better color! It's a nice, warm brown with "swiss coffee" trim. (Translation: White!) The accent color that was recommended is a red and we're still deciding if we'll do anything with that.

Of course I probably don't need to tell you about the actual days of painting! We were fortunate to have my brother in law give up his time to help and a friend came on Sunday. Of course it took longer and more paint than anticipated. Of course things went wrong and our paint sprayer broke and all that but by Sunday night it looked good. It's still not perfect; David's still painting the eves, the garage door and some of the corners and touch up work but if you stand across the street it looks really good! All our neighbors really love it. As one put it; it's quite a modern color; makes our house look completely different and not quite the 70's stucco ranch style it is. (that's a good thing!)

I'm happy. Now to begin painting and remodeling the inside. It's never ending. There's a part of me that would love a new, better, larger house but I know I should be happy. Actually, I miss our first house: a 1920's bungalow in Seattle with a total of one bedroom upstairs and a half finished basement with another (larger) bedroom: this truly was a postage stamp house and I loved it.. but that's another story.

As for now, we have a freshly painted "modern" (at least in paint choice) house. Now we just need a new microwave, dining room table, bedroom set, drawers for the kids, an addition,...... should I go on?

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