Friday, August 21, 2009

The List

Today The List is posted.

What? Don't know what I'm talking about? Ahhh, you don't have a child starting school then! The classroom assignments are being posted today at most schools in my district. Today the kindergarten was posted at 9am and there was a little orientation as well followed by refreshments provided by the PTA. (and all the sign up lists to volunteer as well!)

I was barely on the school campus when someone I don't even know comes up to me, verifies who I am and then asks if I'm going to head up the Reflections contest this year. (Reflections is an art competition) I said yes, mostly because I love this program and know that if I declined it would not be done. It's one of those "non-essential" things that is easy to not do.

Finally made my way to The List but did not even need to get close enough to read it when a friend comes over to me and states the teacher Katie got. I'm fine with it. I'd be fine with any of the Kindergarten teachers and this teacher is really very sweet and nice and I know that Katie will do wonderfully in her class.

So I finish chatting with other moms (one of the great things about having older kids at the school; I guess I know a lot of moms!) and go into the classroom. I instruct Katie to sit at the tables. She refuses. Odd, as she is usually obedient and compliant and I realize as she's clinging to my leg that she's a bit scared! (Yeah, I guess I'm not the most intuitive mom) This is a first. My boys had no problem happily getting used to kindergarten and my little girl is fairly outgoing, loud, and rarely shy, especially around kids. I continue to (nicely) encourage her to sit down and meet some other little girls. She's disappointed her neighbor friend is not in her class.

She does well, still clingy and meets her teacher, who recognizes her as "Reid's sister". She hides behind my pant leg. I mention to enjoy the silence now because in a week she wont' be this quiet! Out of all my kids, Katie will most likely be the one that gets in trouble for talking with others in class. (but she's a girl, it's expected, right?)

Turns out that Katie is in the same class as 2 others on her street. I know one slightly and the other I did not even know she lived near us until I asked. Turns out they live across the street! Ouch! They have the sweetest little girl and 2 high school boys..... and I have never ventured across the street to meet them.

All that is changing. I'm so excited by this school year and really feel it's a great opportunity to meet my neighbors more. (One lives directly across the street, the other one door down) And of course, our behind our house fence neighbor. (but her son's in a different class) I was able to introduce my fence neighbor to a great many moms since so many had kids in the class her son was in.

On the playground my kids loved connecting with the other kids, new friends and old. I was asked to be in charge of yearbook for the school year. Yikes! That's quite an endeavor but I'll just have to be more structured and disciplined. I can do it, right? And reflections and volunteering in 3 classrooms, and.......

I am at heart an introvert and yet I really do love interacting with others. It was wonderful meeting my neighbors and allowing my kids to play. There was such excitement and anticipation, by the adults and the kids, heightened by the fact that this is Kindergarten; many moms are sending their first child to school! Other moms like me are old pros but somehow, with this being my last, I find myself perhaps more emotional than they are! It's simply hard to look into a cute 4 year old face that is so full of hope and yet a bit timid and say goodbye to her and not be allowed to be part of her day!

But I'm happy. The List is posted. I love her teacher, love the fact that all the kindergarteners on our street are in the same class (though I'm the only SAHM) I'm looking forward to being forced into true community with my neighbors, I'm even looking forward to yearbook. It's a new school year afresh with all sorts of possibilities and challenges. And I'm ready.

It's going to be a great year. Oh wait, maybe I should wait until the boys' List is posted tonight before I say that!

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