Tuesday, August 18, 2009

James: Anything But Sweet!

I'm so excited! For my readers who don't know me, I'm a book snob. I am just now finally getting to where I can read a book I don't agree with and find some redeeming qualities in it. I've been forced to as there are few books that I agree with 100%.

But there are a few books I really have a hard time with! One such book happened to be the choice my church's Bible Study decided on and went through last spring: Captivating by Stasi Eldredge. (and I feel I have to admit, it was a good study to get to know each other better and become open and transparent) Oh, I behaved badly and dissected it, underlining every little thing I had the tiniest problem with; her word choices, her assertion that us women are the crown of creation,.... "Creation reached it's zenith in me!" Just because we were created last did not mean that women are God's piece de resistance. Plus it bothered me that it portrayed God as a needy God who pines away for us and is incomplete without us. I do believe that God wants to be known and desires to be in relationship with us but not sure it's because He needs us or is incomplete without us.... but I do believe the Bible shows that He desires a relationship with us.... because He is God, the Great I AM, worthy of our praises and the Creator of all!

But I digress, My point is James! Beautiful, difficult, hard hitting James! This fall, it seems that the wonderful Women's Ministry leaders have chosen James to study this Fall. I have recently studied James and I'm excited! What a truly convicting, difficult book to go through! (I know; why does this excite me?)

So, the big question: It's the same study I finished last fall. (18 weeks) Do I sign up with this group of friends and go through it again? The good thing is that I won't need to buy a new book! (and already have the answers!)

But the real reason I feel I have to be a part of this study? First of all, the community and connection with friends. Secondly, this was the best study I've ever done! And I haven't mastered a single thing that James teaches. I fail miserably when it comes to "taming my tongue", considering things joy in trials, judging others, dealing with conflict, patiently enduring, favoritism, and hearing and living my faith out, plus I struggle all the time with the concept of Faith vs. Works, or as my friend puts it in her study: Justified By Faith That Works. (James 2:20-26)

I could probably review James for the rest of my life and still struggle with the magnitude of issues it addresses! So excited! If you attend our church, you won't want to miss out in this study! James: Real Faith.

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  1. So...you are attending the study, right? I hope we sit at the same table! I am really looking forward to this study too!