Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Than Words

Ironic that a few days ago I posted about how I love words. I do love words and I love to write. Writing is an outlet for me and I'm quite glad that I started this blog a few months ago: I need it!

It has been suggested that I have a head knowledge faith and I've struggled with that but wonder if it's true. I read many books, love to figure things out but how good am I at applying what I learn or believe? It's not enough to think and figure things out and write about it; it must be lived out and unfortunately, I have failed in this area. I desire to serve and have a servant's heart but when it actually is tested I have failed.

It hurts to fail. It hurts to figure out how to move on when one feels there is no place to go.

I desire my faith to be more than words. I have in some ways hid behind my questions as a way to focus on that instead of living my faith out. My words which really help me in some ways have become a hindrance to me.

I struggle with what to do and how to respond because I want to instantly make things better but the reality is I can't do that: Only time can prove that I'm working to make things better. Only time can prove it's more than words.


  1. The fact that you are struggling with the idea of words vs action shows growth, so many of us are all action without thought or idea that it may not always be what God wants, we need to be still and know, the head and heart are united though sometimes one rules the other and vice-versa, there are depths we must chart, as you & i have talked about before we are all part of one body, the mind & its proper use is equally needed when so many believers impose their interpretations on others without ever considering background, culture, norms etc. we are all different and unique which is why humanity possesses beauty amongst all the hardships. I guess all Im really saying V is keep living, thinking and caring for your mind and others, be patient, you are being utilized as God wants though you or others may not see it. At least one person(me) is encouraged by your mind and words, give yourself time to simmer. You are human and imperfectly wonderful...from a friend!

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement!
    It's appreciated.

  3. Time will tell, such a simple phrase, but very much true. For you, I am not worried about what Time will tell...we will see words, become works born out of faith and love of God....I will enjoy the process of watching and engaging you along the way. thank you my friend.