Sunday, August 30, 2009

Less Than

I'm about to get very personal.

Like most people, I love music. The thing is that I don't love to announce to the world what type of music or what bands I love. I just keep it private. For me to voluntarily share my musical interests is something I typically don't do. One of the reasons is because I truly love most genres of music. I have an appreciation for many types of music. (though my least favorite is country, never got into that type)

I began playing flute in third grade with a hand me down instrument that was used when my Aunt Ginny played it in elementary school. I'm sure it's not the greatest of flutes but I adored it even though I believe it's nickel plated instead of the usual silver plated type.

It just so happened that I was very good at flute. Learning to read music and playing flute just came to me effortlessly and I truly loved practicing. I'd practice to much my mom would tell me to stop! In jr. high I attended a small christian school that did not have band so I took private lessons and when I went to high school competed for a spot in the Symphonic band (rather than the beginning band that freshmen automatically went in) and won not only a spot there but also was granted the option of playing piccolo. There was something so compelling about playing the very smallest instrument and I really did enjoy it though I was quite a timid person so solos and being the shrillest instrument did not come easy for me!

My high school band travelled fairly extensively and competed often. Such a wonderful experience! We traveled with the jazz band so I was exposed to Jazz music and I secretly really enjoy that style. Being a "bleacher Kreature" (meaning being in the band that played at football games) my school's fight song, Peter Gunn and Birdland are forever etched in my memory. (well, at least the piccolo parts to them!)

Basically I state all this to simply say that I love music. I love classical, jazz, folk, pop, simply a huge variety of music. I listen to musicians no one else has probably heard of as well as certain popular groups as well.

My favorite band is U2. It's been U2 since jr. high. I've seen them in concert several times and back in April I was among the many that called and logged on to buy tickets to their 360 tour. The fact that it's in Pasadena did not deter me: I simply thought it'd be an excuse for a road trip reminiscent of high school, indeed I am going with my fellow U2 addict friend that has accompanied me on most if not all the U2 concerts I've been to. (she's such an addict she's flying to Chicago to see their first US performance)

This show sold out the first day tickets were available and is now selling for more than the face value of the ticket. The opening act is The Black Eyed Peas and I've read that it takes 2 days to prepare and dismantle "The Claw" and stage. My friend is still holding out hope for a Northern California tour but there's been no announcements yet. (if they do decide to come to CA in 2010 then I guess I'll just have to see it AGAIN!)

Less than 2 months away......

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