Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lost and Found

I admit; I gave up trying to find the book on Christian history that I lost. I was not like the widow in Luke 15 with the lost coin that she searched until it was found. I went to the schoolyard, checked the playground, the lost and found. Searched ever possible place I would have put it down at home, I even looked in Conor's bookshelf in case he mistakenly put my book in his room. (the book he's currently reading's cover is a similar color scheme) I did not give up easily but I eventually did face the fact would most likely never see this book again. I consoled myself with buying a better, larger book on Christian history. Still, being a book person I mourned the fact that I lost this book. I have a hard time with lost books and am just now realizing that I don't need to keep every book I read if I don't love it.

I found my book! Well, technically my husband found it. I forgot I brought it outside to read while watching the kids and David found it when he was done with his run and cooling off outside. I'm pretty excited to have it back but I started another book already that is not about history.

So just an update for all those wondering the fate of my book. What once was lost is now found and I'm quite happy. I'm posting some photos so you can see how mangled this book is! And yes there's even HIGHLIGHTING in it. Something I rarely if ever do to my beloved books. (I'm a purist)

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