Thursday, October 15, 2009

The End

I'm convinced that anyone can endure anything for a time with the right perspective, and oftentimes the right perspective is thinking of the end. I did not have an epidural with any of my 3 kids. Not because I'm against pain relieving drugs, but because my labor just is too quick. By the time I want/need an epidural they won't give me one. It's too late. I truly believe that anyone can endure the pain of childbirth without drugs.... when it's only an hour of pain! Likewise, on a lesser scale, today I picked up my kids. I do wonder at times if there is a bit of Seattle blood in me, as it truly doesn't bother me to get wet. Tuesday was pouring and I'm without an umbrella, walking along, taking pictures of leaves shiny and wet with rain on the gray pavement when I realize there's literally dozens of worms on the walkway, so in the pouring rain I'm picking up worms and "saving" them from the impending doom of kid's sneakers when the bell finally will sound. I saved at least half a dozen, putting them out of feet's way.

Then I stand in front of my kindergartner's class. The other moms are huddled under umbrellas or crammed under the eaves. I'm just waiting out in the rain. I'm sure they thought I was truly strange: First I was taking photos of leaves in a downpour. Then rescuing worms that most thirty something moms wouldn't even touch, and now I'm standing in the rain. But it's true: I AM strange and most know it.

It did not bother me to be so wet. It's not because I love getting drenched, it simply doesn't bother me because I know the outcome. I know the end. The end is that after the discomfort of soggy shoes and a wet jacket, wet socks, etc. I'll be home where I can take a quick, hot shower to warm up. I can make a cup of hot chocolate and turn the heat up. I can put on warm clothes. It's not a big deal to endure the discomfort knowing that it's temporary and looking ahead.

Likewise, I often think that same thing in life. It's easy to endure things like childbirth knowing that the pain will end, and not only end, but result in a beautiful baby to hold and love. The reward is greater than the pain.

Books I have read looks at it in terms of "seasons". We all go through seasons; good and bad times in our lives. It's good that most times we are not in the same "season" and can encourage and help each other, as well as look past our pain to see another's joy and vice versa. I like that. I also like seeing these times as "seasons"... inevitable and ultimately there will be an end. For a little while. Not forever. It's a good perspective.

The wonderful thing about faith is that in good or bad seasons we are connected to the Body of Christ. We can offer encouragement or hugs, or seek them out. We can trust in a God that loves us, is wise, powerful, and good. We can endure our "season" knowing that the end result will be good, even when it doesn't seem good. And I'm not just talking about eternal life; I'm talking about the here and now too..... that through trials and difficult seasons that we'll be pulled closer to Christ. To know Him more, learn to trust Him more, perhaps even help others through their struggles. And then, of course, there is eternal life too. An eternal life with Christ.

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