Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I Need?

I suppose that this post could be called so many other better titles!

As everyone knows, I'm going to see U2 soon. The opening act is the Black Eyed Peas, so I thought I had an obligation to buy a few of their songs to listen to.

So I did. One of the songs includes a bit too much swearing so I have to skip it whenever my kids are around, and honestly, I don't appreciate foul language. It sears through me at times; probably because I'm not used to it. BUT, language aside, I have to say this music is FUN! I find myself enjoying it and a part of me is wondering who I am? What happened to me? Because I can't believe I'm listening to music with foul language and enjoying it.

Now, to this you may say: But your favorite band is U2. U2 swears! To this I say you are right: they do! But they're Irish. I can forgive a lot from the Irish; plus it's all in the name of contextualization, right?

I struggle at times with music and other art forms. First, it's all so personal and subjective. I like to think I have good taste in these things but there really isn't clear "good and bad" to these art forms! Then there is the whole concept of the message and is it edifying and glorifying to God. Well, I have a hard time with much of the music I listen to being edifying or glorifying to God, but once again; that's another blog post! So, with that said I have to say: I like some of these Black Eyes Peas songs. They are fun! And I get something from them. Something that I think is good and necessary to learn from:

To have fun! Not take myself too seriously! It's funny; I have the hardest time relaxing. I don't drink and honestly the general consensus is that I should! I should drink! So as I listen to these songs that elevate the concept of partying, enjoyment and just having fun, uninhibited fun, i realize that there's a bit too much rigidity in my life. I need to smile more; laugh more with my kids. To laugh at myself and enjoy a bit of freedom. Freedom of being so concerned with what others think of me. Freedom to state my opinions. Freedom to state my highly subjective and perhaps wacky, weird, or wrong preferences when it comes to art, music and all those subjective forms of art. Freedom to sing off key or raise my hands in worship or just forget about everyone around me and enjoy God! As much as I love Sundays I don't think I fully appreciate God on Sundays as much as I should. As much as he requires. As much as I should willingly want to do because of my gratitude for Who He Is and What He has done!

" Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice." Philippians 4:4 ESV

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