Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pastor Appreciation Month

Friends; It's Pastor Appreciation Month. Show your appreciation. You know they deserve it! More so my pastors because they have to put up with ME! But that's a whole different blog post!

Really though; get creative. Have fun with it and bless them. :-)

I'll post later this month asking what wonderful ideas you've come up with. I'd go on more and more, but there's no reason to. Just like your church, my church has a wonderful staff that deserves to be appreciated. But when the month is all over, it will be fun for us all to share your favorite idea that you bestowed on your pastors.
And I'll share mine. And then we'll wait a whole year to do this all over again! I'll even give a prize to a favorite idea that you post. But not now; now is the time to DO it; we'll share about it later.

Have fun.

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