Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On a Lighter Note...

I thought I should post something a bit lighthearted because going through all of Jonathan Edward's resolution is quite an endeavor!

I will share what a mom told me today. My kid's school has an emergency drill. it was instructional. Katie was showing the others what to do. (basically just sit still and color) She was drawing some indiscernible shape and my friend asked what she was drawing. Her response? "A car on fire." Ummmm I have no idea why that was her choice of subject. She's usually full of flowers and rainbows and pictures of herself. I've never seen her attempt to draw a car; let alone a car on fire!

I love my kids; between them and my funny in a corny sense husband, I have a harder time taking myself too seriously. It's a good thing. I think every relationship needs a bit of humor from time to time. There always seems to be laughter at my house.

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