Saturday, October 17, 2009


There is only 2 more weeks of October to shower your pastors with appreciation during this Pastor Appreciation Month. I encourage you, if you haven't already, to send a quick note to your pastor saying thank you.

I know I've had a bit too much fun this month already! I "invited" many people in church to join with me in saying thank you to the pastors and their wives. It wasn't really organized, and I did so really just because I thought if it was only ME that it would be more difficult to remain anonymous. So I thought it'd be fun to invite others and encourage them to also spread the word and invite even more people. I have no idea how many have joined in and what they are doing for the pastoral staff at my church. I know that I'm not the only "church mouse" setting out packages and notes. I feel connected to my church family knowing that we are all thinking and praying for the church and our pastors.

For me, I've discovered the joy of allowing myself to be a bit creative. So often don't want to risk being silly. I know my limitations, I know there are others that are more creative, more artistic, more design-savvy than me, so I don't even try.... in many areas of my life. Why is it that I feel that in order to pursue something I have to be as good or better than others instead of just happy with what I have or where I am? But it makes sense that the best person be in charge or a very talented person take on a project. So oftentimes I just wait for others to do the things I have an idea about.

This month has forced me to realize that I love to think and explore creativity. To allow to see more possibilities than I normally do. To let my mind wander and have fun. To look at things in a different way; even just a trip down the grocery aisle or at walmart seeing how much fun it would be to do a play on words with a product or illustrate an attribute based on something that we commonly don't think twice about.

It's FUN. I've had way too much fun the last few weeks as I try to think of creative ways to package my fun little surprises. Some are boring, some I put some thought into. Some just pop in my head.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas of what you did or are planning on doing for your pastors. Since I lack a ton of money I've found it especially rewarding to get creative in an effort of making them smile.

I'm quite sure I'm enjoying this more than they are!

Please share your experience this month. Have you sent a note? Cookies? Candy? A gift card? Books? A hotwheels car? Box of kleenex? Container of mixed nuts saying to think of the congregation? ;-) A favorite scripture verse, quote or word of encouragement?

I'll share more of my attempts to bless my pastor's socks off at a later date, but I'd really love to hear your experiences and ideas. For me, I'm just amazed with how much fun I'm having allowing myself to think differently and am rediscovering the joy I have in being creative.

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