Saturday, October 24, 2009

Put Me In the Zoo

I'm a very strange person. I remember much. This is good in many ways and yet not so wonderful in many ways too. For instance it's good because I have memorized a lot of Bible verses. It's bad because I tend to hold onto grudges and remember critical words people say for a long time. Too long.

Not only have I memorized Scripture but I have also memorized various quotes, and my favorites seem to be from children's literature. The most amusing quotes have come from Dr. Seuss or his publishing company. I also love to surprise folks by spontaneously quoting The Grinch That Stole Christmas. (Have you really stopped to think about that book? I'll discuss it in December)

Lately lots of things in life have me quoting classic children's literature of my childhood. I'm sure this is partly because I have kids but the reality is that David is usually the one that reads to our kids. Still, things remind me of books these days.

I've also been thinking about gifts, talents, and serving. A few weeks ago I posted about volunteering and how wonderful it is when one is volunteering in an area that one is excited about or gifted in. A friend of mine pointed out that she isn't so passionate about the area she volunteers in but it was a need so she stepped up. The interesting thing is that she is so incredibly gifted at it! I can't fathom her not being passionate in the area of ministry she is so obviously gifted in.

I'm not sure what I'm gifted in, but I keep coming up with the words "Put Me in the Zoo!". I want to be a part of structured volunteering and from what I have observed it is a type of zoo mentality. For some reason, I expect perfect but there's no perfect.

For those not aware of the story of Put Me in the Zoo, basically there's this strange animal character with spots who meets 2 children and is convincing them he deserves to be put in the zoo. He begins to show them all the cool tricks he can do with his spots: Juggling, making them tiny spots, a large spot, different color spots... He thinks that with all the things that he can do they should put him in the zoo, but at the end of the book the kids point out that the zoo, the place he thought was the best place for him wasn't ideal; and instead they point him towards the circus,a and he heartily agrees: The circus is the place for me!

I wonder at times if I spend my time trying to get into areas of volunteering that aren't quite suited for me. Sometimes I do think "Put me in the zoo!" I wonder if they really know "all the things that I can do!". I know I"m not a leader or teacher. I'm not outgoing..... but I still think there are things I have to offer.

I could be wrong. Maybe I don't belong in the zoo. Maybe I too would be better off joining the circus.

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  1. I found out that even when people are very gifted for some particular task, the zookeepers may be cliquish and don't want to open the doors to others. I had that happen to me, so I just moved to the group that appreciated my gifts.