Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, Rain.....

It's the first storm of the season! What happened to our "indian summer"? It's gone, never really had much of it in this month of October and in it's place is rain.

The good news? I like rain.

I loved living in Seattle, however brief my stay was there. I liked the temperature, enjoyed the darker weather. Rain there is commonplace but typically not a huge storm. Umbrellas are typically worthless; everyone just scurries to and fro donned in bright yellow rain slickers and boots. I love it. I am especially happy that yellow is the default color choice for many rain slickers. A dot of sunshine on a wet, drab, gray landscape. Plus it shows up wonderfully in photos.

I enjoy the sound of rain as I type this. I like the smell of rain. My kids are decked out in their yellow rain jackets and "puddle stompers" as they excitedly walked to school this morning, the youngest desperately clutching her umbrella without realizing that the rain was at an angle and she was getting quite wet yet refused to put on her hood; no need to: she had an umbrella. The fact that it wasn't actually helping her escaped her. Really, half the fun this morning was the walk in the rain. This may get old soon but right now it's pure bliss! I do enjoy their happy little faces, and I felt like a good mom having all the rain gear they needed.

Things I'm looking forward to in this rainy time: Stews and soups that make my home smell so good as they simmer on the stove. (or in the crock pot!) Fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, warm pumpkin and apple pies, visiting the pumpkin patch. wonderful foggy days, great photo taking weather and lighting, costumes, parties.... ah I just so enjoy this Autumn season.

Hope you are enjoying the weather where you are.

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