Sunday, October 17, 2010

AIDS Walk 2010

For the past three years, my church has partnered with Beautiful Day to form a team of churches and Christians that walk in the AIDS walk and raise money. It was met with such surprise the first year by the gay community to see a group of people that stereotypically has stood against them, to come out and be one of the largest teams and raised the most money!

As noted, this was my third year, and it seemed to be less crowded than the usual over 5,000 attendees. Perhaps it was the rain; not sure, but it still was fun. I estimate perhaps 45 from my church was present, and well over 250 Beautiful Day folks, many dressed in a blue Beautiful Day shirt, of a gray shirt with the words "Walk for AIDS" and Beautiful Day logo on back. It seemed to have a festive feel to it.

I attempted to take photos, which had me running ahead, falling back, etc. I walked for a bit with several people, and I've figured out that, though I think I want to walk and talk with people, perhaps I'd be just as happy walking alone. Perhaps having a camera around my neck suits me, as I enjoy being behind the camera and observing things.

I was happy that this year's turnout from my church was larger than the previous year. I know there were people that were out of town that weekend or just had other plans. It happens. Plus, that rain! Truly it downpoured quite a bit, but I think that kept it even more entertaining for my 3 kids. They enjoyed the umbrellas and being in their raincoats. Being wet did not seem to bother them at all. It was an adventure.

I'm very thankful I attend a church that does stuff like this. I hope it really is making an impact. I was reading on Saturday a blog post about a Christians role and stance on the homosexual issue. I really enjoyed the last paragraph of this guy's blog:

"Every Christian should make certain that every person, absolutely every person, gay or straight, knows that he or she is thoroughly loved by God. Every person, absolutely every person, gay or straight, should know that he or she is created in the image of the Most High, and that he or she has hope, ultimate and undying hope, in God’s abundant grace."


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