Friday, October 15, 2010

To Crash a Party

I was invited to a BBQ. Sounds great, right? Only I'm pretty sure I was invited by accident. The BBQ is for a certain group of folks, and though I once participated in it, I don't anymore.

But.... I was invited.

So I did the honorable thing and confessed that I don't actually belong but still wanted to go to the BBQ. I mentioned I'd even be willing to consider joining this team if I could still attend the BBQ.

No answer.

Today I was sent an evite for the BBQ. So.... did the person ever read my FB message? Or not? Does the second invite mean I am actually invited of an oversight once again?

Should I crash the party or stay home?

I'm sure any normal person would stay home. I have no business being there. BUT.... I really do like a good BBQ.

Decisions, decisions!

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