Thursday, October 14, 2010

Church Mice

Okay, since like no one but 3 people read this blog, I'm going to share a secret. It's not a well kept secret; my pastor already knows that certain things done during Pastor Appreciation month is out of my efforts. BUT I've done these things with others and not sure anyone has figured out who the "others' are! When I was in jr. high and high school my nickname was Church Mouse, I was always at church, and I delighted on little pranks and gifts.

Anyways, the latest thing we did was "decorate" the senior pastor's office. It was lots of fun. The crepe paper wasn't my idea, but the post its were. He tweeted a photo but in my opinion, it did not show the full breadth of its beauty. So here are a few more photos. Isn't it great?

UPDATE. I gave myself away with a comment I made. Ugh! Oh well, but they still haven't a clue who the other church mice are that are inundating them with gifts and "decorating" their offices!


  1. Thanks Ellie! It certainly is a lot of fun. I think Pastor Appreciation Month is already quite successful!