Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warning Labels

In conversation with a few friends, they relayed a chat they had with a mutual friend. When someone's name came up, the person exclaimed that she had to be careful of that person, and went on to detail the caution she should take when interacting with the person. In subsequent conversation with me, my friend mentioned that she knew that this particular person could be that way, but so far she's had no problems and she kindly thanked the person for pointing out the pitfalls to be aware of, but she was happy to engage in the friendship.

I was recently told that the reason I was perceived as "insufferable" is because I first feel that I am. Actually, I don't believe I've ever used the word "insufferable" to describe myself. (or anyone else, for that matter) Am I really viewed as "insufferable?" Difficult, strange, annoying, all those things, yes. But insufferable?


In the past I've tried to refrain from using words like "strange" or "odd" and replacing them with words that mean exactly the same thing but sound a bit more positive and upbeat: Words like unique and special. But It was a change of words, not attitude. I'm not sure how to change my attitude and perception, so I resumed using the "derogatory" words.

All this to say, I began wondering what "warning labels" I come with? What would someone say about me? Reality is I'm a bit quirky. (a nicer word for strange) But does that "quirkiness" have an endearing quality or annoying?

What about you? Do you think you come with a "warning label?" Do you prefer to be "warned" about a person, or discover who and how they are yourself?

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