Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just a Thought...

I know I've mentioned that October is Pastor Appreciation Month and all the fun plans I have for my church.... but as I thought about it more I was reminded of all the pastors in my life and how they shaped me, challenged me and in many cases, simply put up with me without killing me. Seriously, I'm not easy or fun to shepherd!

So here's my thought: In addition to sending your current pastoral staff a note or a gift, (which you should be doing especially if you are as annoying as me), consider sending a note to the pastors of churches you grew up in. For me, I've kept in touch with nearly all the pastors I grew up with: jr. high youth pastors, high school youth pastor, college pastor. Many are still in the ministry, only at different churches. If I had their personal or their Church address, I sent them a note. To a church in Seattle with a newer Reverend, I send a note. (even though I've never met him). To the church I attended as a young married person, I sent a note. I have a few friends that are pastors and I sent them a note... basically, anyone who is a pastor and I thought would appreciate a little note, I sent it to them.

But I did so anonymously. And in Rhyme. Pure silliness, I know. But the point is: Their church appreciates them. Yes, I know I don't attend their church, but I bet you anything their church loves and appreciates them.

At the very least, I hope they smile. It might be a bemused, puzzled smile. Or even a smirk. But I hope it provides some sort of encouragement. And perhaps it will lead to a snowball effect and more awareness that we need to let our pastors know we appreciate them.

So, there's my challenge to you. Pick a pastor in your past and send a note. It can be anonymous, or, better yet, it can be a signed, heartfelt confession of the impact their sacrifice and dedication has made in your life. Mine were all lighthearted, but I hope that at the end of the month I'll follow it up with a personal note detailing that the seeds they planted are still growing today. I've truly been blessed by the wonderful men and women that God has placed throughout my life.

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