Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Wrong....

Today is the first "fall-ish" day of the season.... it even rained a bit today! So my kids decided that they should have hot chocolate. Sounds good and fine, but the only hot chocolate in the house is the "good" hot chocolate. (meaning the stuff that I like) My kids are happy with Swiss Miss and even happier if it contains the little petrified marshmallows.

It is wrong to give "good" hot chocolate to undiscerning little munchkins. I'm sure others feel the same way in regards to wine and novices like me who don't appreciate the "good stuff."

It is wrong to throw away your McDonald's Happy Meal in the trash can in front of the gym while on the way to a workout. (no one will take you seriously) Especially if you belong to the Gym of Perfect People who don't even know what a Happy Meal consists of and will never partake of a chicken mcnugget.

Those are my observations of the day.

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