Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never As Planned

Once upon a time I planned elaborate birthday parties for my children. Then I realized that all they really wanted to do was run around and play with their friends. No crafts. No games. Just freedom.

Then I had a little girl and little girl theme parties are so fun and cute. And most little girls like to sit still for crafts. On Katie's first birthday I went rather elaborate. It was lady bug (or "Katie bug") theme. I bought live ladybugs. I attempted to put 10 in a baby food jar with holes in the spray painted lid as a favor. I gave framed photos of Katie dressed as a ladybug. It was fun.

This year, after being introduced to The Wizard of Oz, Katie now wants to be Dorothy for Halloween. She also wants a Wizard of Oz party. So, I go online and there are so many fun ideas.... from invitations, to snacks and games. Lots of creative fun ideas. Now my head is spinning (like a tornado) with ideas.

Then I realize: this always happens. I get an idea of what I want and what it should look like, and it never meets that vision. It always falls short. Either the game I thought would be so much fun fails to incite interest, or the kids have their own agenda and my itinerary is not met. My expectations not realized. I suppose if one gauges "success" by happy kids I have met my goal, but too often it just isn't as perfect, seamless as I imagine it to be.

Yet, here I go again! Planning and hoping. Trying to strike a balance between what I want and contentment on what will happen, even if it doesn't go to my plan.

She really does make a cute Dorothy.

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