Monday, September 20, 2010

Proper Care and Feeding

I'm beginning to realize that I have a lot of pet peeves, and one of the biggest is something I hear so often from others when they are discontent at church and need an excuse to go church hopping/shopping. "I'm not being fed." I wonder often what they really means to the individual person and if it is just one of those phrases that sounds cool and super spiritual. How can a person argue with it? You're leaving a chruch because it's not "spiritual" enough for you.... isn't that the best reason to look elsewhere?

Plus, I wonder what it is they are really saying, and if you are one of those folks that aren't being fed or have talked about not being fed, I'd love to know your individual reasons. I'm not saying it is all bad, because there are truly valid reasons for leaving a church. But i always cringe when I hear the words "not being fed."

First, whose responsibility is it? And is the pastor really not "feeding" you or is it just not a subject or in a manner that you feel comfortable with? What is it we really want from a message?

I've also heard the claim that it isn't "life applicable" or "practical" and I always go "huh?" on that one. What is the definition of life applicable or practical? My pastor did a whole series on the first 10 chapters of First Corinthians. I found it quite "life applicable" but talked to many folks who did not. One friend mentioned that another church in town seemed to be doing a series based on the book Fearless, about anxiety and conquering one's fears. THAT, my friend thought, is life applicable.

And I can't argue with her, but I do think that it all is life applicable..... it is all practical. Well, maybe not Numbers or Leviticus or..... (I'm kidding)

But back to "not being fed." I just challenge a person to really think through that and what it really means, what their responsibilities are, what their expectation of Church is, and what they find "life applicable? I know for my life, when I start complaining about "not being fed" and that nothing really challenges or relates to me, it is time for some serious self-examination.

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