Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suit Required

The last few weeks I've had a lot of fun shopping. Usually I shop for Katie but she has so many clothes, and I really don't like buying things unless they are on sale.

Last week or so I purchased cycling shorts, jerseys, sock, tights, gloves, a running shirt, shorts, and a cycling jacket. I even bought a friend a Pearl Izumi wind breaker because it was such a great deal. (75 dollar jacket for 18) On Friday I purchased a pair of running shoes.

Today after my swim I realized my swimsuit was getting stretched out and it really wasn't ideal for swimming laps in the pool. So, I decided to go to Sports Basement to buy a new swimsuit and look at the other stuff they have. (I love a bargain)

I hate trying on swimsuits! Oh, it is the most painful thing! It leaves no room for self deception and makes you regret every tootsie roll ever eaten. (and the snickers bars and mcdonalds, and birthday cake, and....) Truly; it was near humiliating If I ever for one second thought I wasn't THAT bad, today I realized I AM that bad, and actually worse!

I tried on over a dozen suits and actually nearly liked a TYR one but it was still over 50 dollars! Hoping that eventually all this work will cause me to shed some pounds, I went with a Very Ugly Suit that fit me and felt good, hoping that when it no longer fits (or wears out) that I'll be able to purchase a suit I really like later.

So I walked out of there with the Very Ugly suit because it was cheap(er) and a 20 dollar pair of goggles so I wouldn't have to keep stealing David's from him every day.

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