Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Month Away

What can I say? I'm a planner, and an impatient one at that! I get excited about things and want them to happen NOW! Tomorrow my church is having an all-church picnic. I've been waiting for this since it was announced back in May or June! Likewise, it both bugs and excites me to know of upcoming events or a message series; I just want it all to happen or know all the information immediately; I hate waiting until the end of the month or months later!

I suppose anticipation makes it sweeter, but it also fuels and elevates my expectations. Not sure that is a good thing.

Now that it is Autumn, (I know; technically it is not but if you have kids, then the day they return to school marks Autumn, AKA the "New Year." I'm looking forward to all those Fall things: Back to school night (well, maybe not that one), Halloween, my kid's school walk-a-thon, going to the Apple Farm with K8's class and taking lots of pumpkin patch photos! (this is one of my favorite seasons for taking photos).

October is a busy month for us. 2 of my children have birthdays, my father-in-law has a birthday as well as my brother-in-law. All the things I noted in the above paragraph happen in October. (except Back to School night) October is busy, but there's one more thing that happens in October that I look forward to:

Pastor Appreciation Month.

Last year I facebooked about 20 church friends, inviting them to join me in showering our pastoral staff and their wives, with notes or gifts. Anonymously or signed, simple or elaborate, inexpensive or pricey.... none of that mattered as much as inundating them with kindness. I started it with a box of socks and a card saying we were going to "bless their socks off" and right now I'm trying to figure out another fun, creative way of announcing the intent to bestow upon them our love and appreciation. (if you've any ideas, let me know!)

This year, I'm hoping that everyone will recall from last year that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. I think it often gets overlooked because most pastors don't announce it and most people don't know that Pastor Appreciation Month even exists! I think if people knew, they'd respond.

I've been collecting books and other little things in anticipation of Pastor Appreciation Month, things I find on sale or for a good price. It is mostly books because I love books. I guess I figure if it is something I like, they'll like it too! Not sure it truly works our that way. I'l probably end up giving them a gift card to itunes or a restaurant as well.

As I said, last year I had a lot of fun! So much that I don't know how I'll be able to compete this year. I tried to send a note or put a note or a gift in the senior pastor's box daily. The others were weekly.

Whatever church you attend, I encourage you to join in the fun of participating in Pastor Appreciation Month. Even if it is just a handwritten note of 3 sentences encouraging or thanking your pastor, I know it will be appreciated.

I'm looking forward to October! Hope my pastors have a great month!

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