Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Balancing Act

I wonder about much. One hears complete opposites about things sometimes and this year I realized that I want absolutes. I want absolute truths. I've brought this up so much and the answer always is: Some things are absolute and others are not, of course with no detailed explanation of WHAT is relative and what is absolute. But perhaps I have my own list of "absolutes" but if my list of "absolute truth" and someone else's list of absolutes is different, doesn't that make it personal, relative truth?

Yeah. I'm great fun at parties. Invite me over sometime. ;-)

The other week I went running/wheezing/jogging with my friend Kris. She's good. I'm not, but she's encouraging and kind to me. We're on the track and realize that a woman had taken off her shirt and was just wearing her bra. It wasn't a sports bra. It wasn't a pretty bra. And she was a pretty large lady.

I was kinda put off by it. (I have already admitted that I'm judgmental in this blog of mine) I'd NEVER do something like that! (but that's a whole different post) I couldn't believe that she'd be on a public track in a park, where jr. high kids were running, as the park shared space with the school, be overweight and only in a regular, ugly bra? No no no! No matter what I looked like I'd never take off my shirt and run around in a bra. I will make an exception for sports bras, but you still won't see ME in one of them.

Later, as I was in conversation it was pointed out to me that who cares? It's a bra. Big deal. I protested that it did not look pretty; she did not look pretty in only her bra. (yes, me.... the "pretty" police.... I know; I make NO SENSE!) To that it was pointed out to me that even more so; it was probably hard for her to get up and go for a walk or run. She'd probably rather be at home, not out exercising yet here she was. She should be applauded and encouraged, not judged or chastised for taking off her shirt because she was hot. (and this was pointed out to me by a guy!)

Ouch. What a drastically different perspective!

Of course, I still have questions. Questions on modesty and stumbling blocks, questions on what is our role in that? The whole "we are free by grace" to do whatever we want and yet.... is that really true? Are we still held accountable? Is there any stipulation or caveat to our freedom? (I do have an opinion on this and some verses to quote)

The sobering part for me is if this freedom or is this law that Im upholding so important that Christ had to die on a cross for it? To purchase or release, am I truly fighting the right battles? Did He purchase my salvation so I could enjoy freedom and eat and drink or wear whatever I want? Or the law side: Am I going to fight over this? is it worth fighting over something like keeping the Sabbath holy while the "grace" camp insists we're not under the law and to enjoy the party and dance in this freedom?

Was this why Christ died? I grew up thinking that he died because he loved me and to atone for my sins. (a "me" thing) But Lately I've been realizing that though it's true.... He did die for me out of love, He really endured the cross to glorify the Father.

So the real question in the grace vs. law debate: Is this giving glory to Him or just creating division?

Soli Deo gloria!

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