Friday, September 11, 2009

A Sign?

I'm guilty by association. It wasn't MY Idea to make the signs but since I have 3 kids the duty fell to me. This morning I went and bought poster board, yardsticks, tape and pens. I'm sure it looked like I was all set to picket but that is not my intention.

It's a long story but there are a few people that are a part of the church I go to that are doing a triathlon tomorrow and the signs are just words of encouragement. It wasn't my idea, especially the wording on one of the signs but my kids were happy to help create them and can't wait to cheer Daddy and friends on in the race. Of course, one of the signs reads "Looking Good, Almost There" and is more of a ribbing than encouragement. It's kinda an inside joke and it'd take too long to explain it on my blog but those who attend my church will "get it". Oh, and did I mention it's plastered with glued on gummy bears? Another inside joke. (my kids LOVED eating the leftover gummy bears)

This is just a fun race; David did not get to train as hard and consistently as he'd have liked to; somehow painting the house, work demands, family fun and just LIFE got in the way, but it'll be great. I have only been to one of his triathlons and it was...well, it was an experience! I missed every photo opportunity of him! I joke that he's just too fast and it's really, really difficult to be prepared ! Add to that 3 little distractions I have with me and taking photos is more difficult than it looks! (but somehow I managed to get photos of a few of our friends pretty easily) So this time I'm ready. He'll be competing in the yellow FCA-E jersey so perhaps that will help him stick out to me. I hope so! I want some good photos!

But photos or not, it'll be fun. And we're ready. I have snacks packed, signs waiting, extra clothes, warmer clothes (one can never tell what it'll be like at the coast) my iPod, camera and LOTS of memory, my laptop, and a good book. David's getting his stuff ready as we speak: wetsuit, bike, clothing, food, strange tri food, strange mixture stuff to drink, a bag with all the stuff he needs for "transition".... a bright towel to lay out his stuff, Gu packets, shoes, socks, bike shoes, and whatever else he seems to need that I don't remember.

This sport could possibly be worse than surfing. We have to be out of the house by 4:30 to get there on time since David did not yet pick up his race number and registration packet. I'm not looking forward to that part but I'm still excited. It's rather adventurous. Plus, I'm not the one racing.

I think I'll bring a few lawn chairs and sip iced tea with an umbrella in it as I watch from the sidelines and cheer them on. Way to Go! Looking Good! Almost There!


  1. 13, 2009 at 8:04 AM

    I love this post! And your dauther is such a cutie! I guess I missed the lawn chairs with umbrellas and iced tea when you found us on Saturday - but you were sitting, reading a book, and under a tent!<: I hope all did well in the race! See you later this morning.

  2. V...thanks for making the signs, for getting up at 4:30AM to cheer on not only your hubby but the rest of the gang too! The signs are absolutely fantastic, and sooo funny! I loved getting to hang out with you guys and I know that Denise, Cory, Christy, and Corrin did as well! I really did get a kick out of knowing that my family and my friends were along the route yelling for me, and I also knew that my other friends would be rooting for me once they finished their own race.

    I too find some of the inside "stuff" to be a little comical. So you tell someone that I ate gu throughout the race, and just think of the mental picture there. Then you go to "transition" which entails changing from swimming attire to cycling clothes, then to running clothes, and all of this out in the open??? hmmmm, definitely strange. Maybe that explains some of why I like it ........

    You certainly did get some great photos this race! Cory said that your were as good or better than the ones the "profesional photographer" posted.

    Hopefully we get to enjoy many more of these happenings, just hopefully note the 4:30AM part!!!