Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Painful Discoveries

I'm sitting here, tired and hurt. Oh, I hurt! Every time I get up I want to pass out! I'm sitting here waiting for my husband to get home. I have already phoned him to whine and complain and all he had to say was "that's great!"

That's GREAT? I'm in pain, I'm hurting.... I'm literally sick! All from a mere one hour of running/walking (mostly walking) The advice he gives: Take some advil and be sure to go for a bike ride tomorrow. A BIKE RIDE? Didn't he hear me? I'm sore! I'm tired! I'll be even more sore tomorrow and he thinks I should go for a bike ride!

It figures. Meet my Husband. For whatever ails you, exercise is the answer. Have a cold? A run will help clean out the congestion. Hurt muscles? A run or ride will stretch and strengthen it. Stressed, anxious or sad? Again: The answer is EXERCISE. Tired? EXERCISE Grrrrr...

So now he's home and chuckling at me. I'm angry: he has no idea how much pain I'm in and he insists he's been there but I don't believe him.

See, my husband is AMAZING. He's one of those naturally gifted athletes. One always hears that "anyone can do it" but I'm really unconvinced. I read blogs about people that set out to do marathons or other physical endeavors and I really believe that they are special. I KNOW my husband is special. He's will say it's still determination and hard work. He'll say that there are days he doesn't FEEL like working out but he's still DIFFERENT. First of all, he's always in good shape. He is over 6 feet tall and I don't believe he's weighed over 168 pounds in his life. He was an gifted soccer player in his youth, well rated long distance track and field runner in high school, rowed stroke in college on a very fast crew boat with men that were "heavyweights" and had a lot of power.... strength-to-weight ratio he was amazing. Great surfer that picked up the sport effortlessly, impressive waterskier even though he rarely skis, agile rock climber, skilled snow skier, windsurfer.... basically he can do any and every sport relatively well without much effort. Add a bit of effort and his capability and possibility is amazing! Plus, he LOVES this stuff! (I don't love any physical exercise!) He'd rather bike to work than take his car, he loves to ride his bike. In fact, as I type this (and he has no idea what I'm writing) he just randomly informed me that he rode his bike 22 miles today and ran 6 miles. See? He's crazy. And happy.

He always comes home stress free thanks to his bike rides and lunchtime runs. But I still don't believe that he suffers like I suffered today, and I still maintain that some people are just "special". I do think it's easier for some of us than others, and David is one of the special ones: Gifted with incredible vision, focus, pain tolerance. determination, and the ability to push himself. I have to admit, I'm in awe of my husband. And he's happy that I went on a 2 mile run that I mostly walked on and had a heart rate of 194. He's HAPPY I'm in pain right now.

And I still love him.

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  1. This is too funny! I do have to agree, D is amazing, and I get to sometimes go along and see how effortless he is while running, swimming or riding. Just as amazing is his attitude about it, he is always encouraging to those of us less amazing, and that is the most amazing part to me.

    Hang in there with the running it will get better, and DO take his advice on the heart rate, or any other advice he gives, cause he is most likely correct and you will be better for it.

    And remember, Advil is your friend!