Monday, September 14, 2009

Santa and God

I suppose Christmas is always on the minds of young children. Today my middle child just raced into the room where I was in, waving a catalog exclaiming "this is what I really want!" It was a skateboard ramp. This way, he said, he doesn't have to go to the skateboard park. He's quite excited. Asked when we could go to the mall to see Santa so he could ask Santa for this gift. To that my youngest, the four year old pipes up "I want everything. I've asked God for everything!"

Hmmmm, so interesting that God and Santa are nearly synonymous to my kids. I wonder what I've done wrong!

It's actually quite interesting because Reid supposedly told Katie that there was no Santa and the guy at the mall wasn't really santa. So a few days ago Katie told me she wanted to go sit on the pretend Santa's lap and ask for a toy and then on Christmas there's no sleigh and Santa's not real so the fake Santa, who is dressed in a red suit just like the real Santa, will show up in a car and use the door to come in, set the presents by the tree and leave. Because there is no real Santa.

It's so easy to forget God until I really need Him, but as I went about my day today, thinking about the good things that are happening I realized often I don't show any gratitude for it. I consider these things my doing instead of God's doing. I am inclined to only go to Him when I need to; when things seem beyond my control.

So, I'm reminded to not just treat God like a benevolent Santa that I go to only when I want or need something. He's so much more than that! To realize everything I am and have are from Him puts it all in a completely different perspective. To realize who I am and who He is... it just brings me to a place of awe.

As for my kids, I'm happy that God is a daily part of Katie's life. I'm happy she can go to bed, praying to Him, bringing her requests, simple and trite as they are; I'm happy she knows He loves her and that all good gifts come from Him. But there's so much more, and I'm excited for her to learn that someday. I'm excited as I learn that myself right now.

And you? Do you ever view God as a benevolent Santa, magic 8 ball or gumball machine?

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