Saturday, September 19, 2009

Running To Stand Still

I know; my title is from U2 but my post subject is quite different from the song! (and that's a good thing)

This afternoon my whole family went running with me. Of course, I don't actually run but was determined to try and so I did. My boys ran ahead of me, way ahead of me! David, my husband actually mostly ran behind me, just a bit, let me run as I turned my ipod up really loud and just ran, and ran and ran until I was ready to collapse. (which was about 3 quarters of a mile) Then David stepped in with encouragement and a few tips. I wanted to stop, he really wouldn't let me stop. Instead he said to keep running at a very slow pace, and began doing so. I retorted that I could walk at that speed! He agreed but said I needed to run; as I am training my body to relax and to take deep controlled breaths. Speed did not matter as much as controlling the breathing and relaxing my body.

For those that don't know me; I'm rarely ever relaxed! It's near impossible. I find myself often gripping the steering wheel with such force that my hands later hurt. I don't even realize it. When I do, I try to relax but it's not easy! David jokes that a glass of wine would help but i don't like the taste and I don't even like the feeling; it's like my body is fighting it and it hurts. So, you can perhaps imagine how much thought and energy it took to focus on controlled breathing and relaxing!

I know and respect my husband greatly; I know he's a good athlete and is quite knowledgeable and a perfect person to listen to. Luckily I was in a good mood and took all his tips and suggestions in the way he intended: To help, not to torture. (this could all change next week) So, I ran at a snail's pace, still thinking I'd pass out. My oldest child caught up to us, (he had already lapped me at least once) and said that he could walk faster than I was running. I just smiled at David who reminded me that it was about slow breathing and relaxing. And so I trudged on, trying to do as he said. It was a lot of work.

I admit; it's getting a bit easier. The first day was really quite awful and lately it's been much more tolerable, but I wonder if this tidbit of information, this reminder to relax can be something that is good in other areas of my life. I suppose I already know that answer! But it's amazing how much work it takes to relax!

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  1. I love this post! It touches me to see your hubbies kindnest in encouraging you to move and relax. It really is a lot of work to relax! May you learn this lesson well! So keep on running! For your life.