Thursday, September 24, 2009

Burst Forth

I don't know about you but oftentimes I read and fill my mind with too much. I have a very good memory and can remember much but there are times when I read too many books in one week that I forget where I read or heard that from. This week I've read 4 books, listened to 2 podcast sermons of a preacher that is out of state, read numerous blogs and did my bible study homework. The odd part? Many/most of these things interconnect; it's almost eerie and makes for a very confused Victoria. I mean, which book, podcast, blog, etc. did I hear that in? Read that in? I can close my eyes and mentally see where the words are on the page but I can't recall which cover; which book or which blog!

Trust me, it's very frustrating. So, it's after 1am. I have bad allergies so I took a shower and it seems all these thoughts pop into my head when I take a shower. And as I struggled with making sense of my day and all the stuff I've been learning a thought came into my head: If you are doing the work it'll show. And I struggled to figure out where that came from? A book? Which Book? A blog? A podcast? A song?

It was reality tv. I hate to admit that I watch nearly any TV but as I play on my computer I like to watch some TV. Tonight it was So You Think You Can Dance. (actually, lots of social issues come up on that show and it'd be fun to discuss them) But what stuck in my mind was a young hip hop style dancer. (mind you, I wasn't paying 100% attention) From what I gathered he's tried out before but did not make it as far as he'd hope and vowed to get some "real" training in more of the classic disciplines of dance: Contemporary, ballet, and all that jazz. (pun intended) His audition was good and entertaining but the judges wanted more from him. One asked if he'd been studying the classic disciplines of other dance styles like he was supposed to. He said yes and the judge gave him a bad time about it; Because if he had spent time in those disciplines, it would show in his performance and he couldn't see it.

Likewise we are called to show forth evidence of our faith. This can seen so often in Scripture. Johnn 15:8 says By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples. We are told that if we love God we will love others. and that if our faith is real it will be evident in our works; our lives. We will be doers of the Word not hearers only.

So, I guess my challenge to myself is: Is God evident in my life? Does He shine through? Am I enveloped in the spiritual disciplines? Am i loving and am I a doer rather than just a hearer of the Word? If He is in me, how can my life not reflect it?

PS. Picture to come. It's late. Have to wait for good lighting to get a photo.

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